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RMC 6.14 (Arlington Heights Riverside Ca)

9 0 6 7 Cleveland Ave near Irving

(google map)

***Please read the following Riverside Municipal Code for PROPERTY MAINTENANCE

See address below to view in person
See community request below

Code of Ordinances
Riverside, California

Code of Ordinances Title 6 - HEALTH AND SANITATION



6.14.010 - Findings.
The City Council finds and determines as follows:

A.The property values and the general welfare of the City of Riverside are founded, in part, upon the appearance and maintenance of private property located within the City.

***B.The lack of landscaping and/or landscape maintenance on private property, including overgrown, dead, or decayed vegetation and weeds and the accumulation of rubbish and debris, is a condition that is injurious to the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City of Riverside.

C.The lack of exterior structure maintenance, including, but not limited to, partially destroyed or partially constructed buildings; unpainted buildings or portions of buildings; broken windows; and damaged or defective building exteriors; roofs, walls, fences, driveways, sidewalks or walkways, is injurious to the public health, safety and welfare of the residents of the City of Riverside.
(Ord. 6970 ยง 2, 2007)

***6.14.020 - Landscape maintenance.

A.It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having possession or control of any property subject to the provisions of Title 19 of this Code for which landscaping standards or requirements were established by the Zoning Administrator or Planning Commission to fail to maintain such landscaping that is visible from the public right-of-way in accordance with such conditions of approval imposed thereon and generally recognized horticultural standards.

***B.It shall be unlawful for any owner and/or occupant of any property visible from the public right-of-way and used for commercial, office, industrial or residential purposes to:

***1.Allow or permit on such property overgrown vegetation including trees, shrubbery, ground covers, lawns and other plantings.

***2.Allow or permit on such property dead, decayed or diseased trees, shrubs, or other vegetation.

**"3.Fail to provide and properly maintain landscaping in required yard areas not covered by buildings, related structures, and driveways in a residential zone; provided, however, consideration shall be given to the uses permitted in the underlying residential zone. Landscaping is grass, trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, or permitted decorative bark and decorative stones.

***4.Fail to provide and properly maintain landscaping in required landscape areas on property zoned for commercial or industrial use. Landscaping on commercial and industrial properties cannot be decorative bark, concrete, or rock unless prior approval in writing is obtained from the Community & Economic Development Department Director or his or her designee or unless approved in accord with Title 19.C.It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having possession or control of any property to maintain such property in violation of the following minimal standards:

***1.Landscaped areas shall be kept free from weeds and debris;

***2.All plant materials shall receive regular maintenance, including but not limited to, watering, fertilizing, mowing, and trimming;

***3.Any damaged, dead, diseased, or decaying plant materials shall be removed and replaced;

***4.Irrigation systems shall be kept in proper working order to provide proper amounts of water and proper coverage; and5.Landscape screening materials, such as hedges, shall be pruned to maintain their screening ability.

D.Owners and/or occupants of properties fronting on, or adjacent to, any portion of a street shall comply with the provisions of this Section 6.14.020 as well as Chapter 13.06 for any landscaping along the street or within the street right-of-way adjacent to their property, fronting on, or adjacent to, any portion of the street, that includes the care of public or private parkways.

***The above Maintenance Code HAS NOT been enforced at residential property that has been allowed to conduct a commercial nursery business on it for over 6 years:

9 0 6 7 Cleveland Ave
Riverside Ca 92503

Between Irving and Jackson

'Nursery' :
Triple L Enterprises Inc
(Business can be publicly looked up on City of Riverside business search - with owner name/number).

The tenant/business owner refuses to maintain and water property as City code states as mandatory - however tenant and unlicensed partner maintain and water potted plants, trees, etc in field for hours every Friday 8am-2pm - as well as conduct illegal open to public direct sales from a residential property per City Zoning laws for RA 5 Zone.

All City codes above state NO exemptions - the violations listed above are indeed violations at/on this property.

Why posting?:

3 incomes from use of property - yet no maintenance

6 years of lack of property maintenance - and still no enforcement

Tenant verbally states she does not care of condition of property as well as City codes and laws

Tenant cheats City, State and other Agencies - she is 'working the system' to conduct numerous businesses and obtaining incomes without proper reporting, documentation, and without accountability like everyone else

Property owners/landlords are so empowered by lack of enforcement that they vacated the property leaving with numerous property maintenance violations unresolved - 40+ days later no still no resolve per owners or tenant - no enforcement

The condition and numerous violations are all street view, are not just unsightly but a 6 year nuisance, as well as a health issue with the poor conditions attracting numerous infestations of rats and vermin.

The condition and use of this property lowers home values, declines neighborhood enjoyment, and affects the community.

We have indeed reported to Code Enforcement, however...

We are asking residents, neighbors and the community to call as well to obtain complete resolve:

show contact info Call Center
show contact info Code Enforcement
show contact info Mayor Bailey's Office

All reports complaints are anonymous.

Complaints can also be made online or email (no spaces):

Call center @ riversideca . gov

Again we encourage all/anyone to drive by and review/witness property condition in person, especially on Friday's 8am-2pm to witness purposeful lack of property maintenance but all efforts to 'business'

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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