looking for Other Musicians METAL based Music (Riverside)

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i am looking here? just to see? anyone like to Join, Form, Start. Something for a Band and Or Project.
an Established band of course I will need to learn there "Library"!! and i usually can in a few days,
but no More Situations of a Single Person "Band" and were just playing "His or Her Music"
and I Am looking towards , METAL Based ,HARD Rock and METAL Based, 80's METAL to 2000's METAL etc.
Also hoping to work with second guitarist! and like doing Backing Vocals, bands i work with often Surprised allot with me having that "Van Halen" "Def-Leppard" backing sound. i can sing Lead if there is an "Emergency that Calls for" but i do not really like to.

Gender and Age makes no Difference! , being in the Business, i see, Professionalism? and being "Professional"
in other words, Rather be playing in a Garage band! having Fun! being around some great people! than be on Tour
with People where there is no Comradery or Friends? if makes sense,
not looking to "Just Be in A Band" like to be "Part Of" if just to be in a band? i can "Join ANY! Cover or Tribute band" and be a "Drone"
A "Video" never ensures you can work as a "Musician" in a any given Project?
Anyone can have a Video, but can they "Work in a Band"? not looking for "Attention" just looking to Play.
and I do not have Social media, do not need it? My playing Abilities and being able to conform to the a Given Band
and "Loyalty" "Spoke For Me" ,yea, and i have Bandmix pages as well etc.
in my 40's Look like in my Late 20's Mid 30's (lucky i guess?)

i have Equipment, transportation and do not mind "Bit" of travel for right People, can Tour if needed at a Moments Notice. (OF course i would need to know the songs! LOL) but get the idea.
i have Studio/Touring Rigs, and "Blind Jams" are cool and fun,
but i like to "Meet and Talk First" before just tossing Rig in rehearsal room? to "jam"
oh, i know some 200+ covers but i will not join a cover or tribute sorry.

i have Multiple World / National and Local gigs under belt, again means Nothing just tells? "I Can Play" lol
just looking to Play, have fun and make some friends ,and not have it like work? but Serious about having the fun!
if hits touring great! thats on the "Band" and i am always "On Board" , or if never leaves Garage? thats ok too!
just "Like to Play"
and can show you all the Music i have and done, "When We Meet" (Bar, Club, Restaurant etc.)
me? i am low key, and Humble, Modest, and Honestly? i am like "Anyone Else" i am nothing Special? just Human.

i have the Looks and Prescence, but ZERO Ego, because its NOT about "Me" its About the Band.
i just like to Play? so let me know a day most convenient for "You" and can set up a time to meet!
and i am open to Other places, from Los Angeles to San Bernardino, to Newport to Burbank, must be someone? out there.

ok? so my Influences? and what and how i play?
RACER-X, type and Neo-Classical type, and have sound/Tone? similar to Van Halen,
But "Metalized" and Such. as i am "Told"? again, i have bandmix pages to kinda get the idea, the "Usual"
my likes: Arch Enemy, King Diamond, Merciful Fate, Metal Church, also Megadeth ,Judas Priest, Iron Maiden,
QueensRyche, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Ozzy ,Saxon's New Album, to give generalization.
ya know? "Metal and Hard Rock"
70's 80's and 2000's Metal etc.

hope everyone has a great day!
and finds something there looking for.
hope to hear from some soon,

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