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Specializing In:

- Field Clearing - Clear and Grub
- Field Mowing - Disking
- Grading - Weed Abatement
- Land Leveling - Lot Prep/ Clearing
- Roto-Tilling -Scrapping/ Dragging

Small Yards to 20+ Acres

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Our Goal is Customer Satisfaction. Clean Professional Work Is Our #1 Priority. From Small Yards to 10+ Acres, Online and On-site Bids Welcome.

* Disking
- 0.5 to 20+ Acres
- Great for large Areas, Weed Control, Turning Soil, and Fire Prevention
- Better Penetration on Hard Soil
- Preferred when Maintaining Empty Lots or for Fire Breaks
- 2+ Passes will Bury 95% of Weeds
- Up to 10 Inch Depth 
- Optional Dragging w/ Wire Mesh for Finer Finish 

* Field Mowing

- Up to 7 Acres
- Great for Weed Control and County Notices
- Cut Weeds up to 7 Ft. Tall 
- Weed Eating Around Perimeter is Available
- 30 ft. Perimeter Fire Break Available
- Helps control bugs and pests such as mice, snakes, spiders, ants, flies, and etc...
- One Time Call, Yearly, or Bi-yearly Maintenance Available

* Rototilling
- Up to 7 Acres
- Great for Turning Dirt and Burying Weeds 

- Sod/ Seed Prep or Prep for Landscaping
- 1 Pass = 4 Inch depth
- 2+ Passes = 7 Inch depth 
- The best choice for controlling bugs and fire and making your lot look like a clean established property.
- One Time Call, Yearly, or Bi-yearly Maintenance Available

* Rough and Laser Grading

 - Up to 1 Acre
- Rough Grading for Drainage, Landscaping, or After Rototilling 
- Laser Grading for Concrete, Concrete Pavers, Above Ground Pools, etc...

* -Field Clearing and Dirt Removal

- Clearing for Vines, Bushes, Small Trees W/ Either Mowing or Rototilling

- Dirt and Material Removal Available for up to 30 Yards

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