Jet Plane Guest House? - $11,500 (San Bernardino)

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condition: fair
make / manufacturer: North American
model name / number: T-39 Sabreliner
size / dimensions: 44x44x16
The college where this is sitting needs more space for parking so they want it gone soon, Im lowering the price make an offer if interested. Much too good to be wasted as scrap, I think I can deliver it myself on a 20-24 ft trailer then reattach the wings.... Unique landscaping non-seasonal "ornament" for the back yard? T-39 Sabreliner was owned by an avionics college... The military version was used to fly the big wigs around and for training, so good chance some famous people were on board years ago. I saw this at online auction and thought it would be something cool to own that nobody else has, way better than a railroad caboose, almost like a backyard museum. But I live 2000+ miles away so I'm exploring finding a local home for it... Currently very close to LAX airport, we're taking the wings off for transport. A few parts missing including the 2 engines, covers are there so should look basically intact... Or if you'd rather not have everyone think you're so wildly successful you bought a 7 digit personal jet, maybe what you'd want is some wheels or fins missing so it looks like a crash site lol... While the gawking gasping passers-by are almost crash landing, you're running a gold mine selling hundreds of internal parts... or who knows, I don't, maybe it could be worth restoring... The paint is faded/peeling, windows cloudy, dirty inside etc doesn't look pretty in its current condition, but try googling the parts or whole planes, it's surprising. I've moved houses and buildings so could probably deliver it, nobody nearby in the metropolis has room for it so I'm advertising further out. Offers considered long as your destination is accessible

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