Business Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate (Operating Agreements, Partnership, Buy/Sell Agreements)

Business Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate 1 thumbnailBusiness Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate 2 thumbnailBusiness Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate 3 thumbnailBusiness Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate 4 thumbnailBusiness Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate 5 thumbnailBusiness Formation Attorney: LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp. - Flat Rate 6 thumbnail
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Business Formation Attorney - Valerie L. Kramer

Form LLC, Corporation or Partnership - Flat Rate for Most Entities*

Most new business owners struggle with what type of entity to create. Valerie will be able to assist you decide on the best entity for your situation. If you have an accountant or CPA, she recommends you get them to weigh in as well.

When forming a new business entity in California one of the firs decisions is which entity should be formed. The two typical choices are between a California LLC vs. S Corp. This is because Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Subchapter S Corporations (S Corps) have consistently ranked the most favored & flexible entities to be considered.

LLCs and S Corps are both “pass-through” entities. Both provide liability protection, but have several important differences. Owners need to consider profit-sharing, administrative requirements, LLC fees, state franchise taxes, employment tax implications, eligibility of owners, and operational ease when making their choice. That's where an experienced business attorney can be a huge help in guiding you.

* Flat rate exceptions. State of California licensed professionals (lawyers, for example) are often required to form a Professional Corporation (APC). Our inexpensive 'flat rate' simply cannot cover all the hours necessary to properly create an more-complex APC.

FUN FACT - Most new business owners don't understand...

What Exactly is an S Corp?

What is generically called an S Corp may not be a Corporation at all, but could be an LLC. An 'S Corp' is not technically a business structure so much as it is a tax status. In 1958, Congress created the S corporation --- also called the small business corporation --- so that small businesses could get similar tax advantages as giant corporations, but without the double taxation. S CORP is a tax status, sometimes called a tax designation.

To receive the benefits and tax savings of an S Corp tax status, we must first register with the state as an LLC or C Corp. Then, once registered, Valerie will send The IRS the Form 2553 to indicate you want your business to be taxed as an S Corp designation. Valerie can answer all your questions during your initial no-cost phone consultation.

Business attorney, Valerie L. Kramer. has been helping California residents set up their businesses for more than 30-years. In addition to business entity formation, Valerie can assist you in drafting LLC Operating Agreements. Shareholder & Member specialty agreements, Partnership Agreements, Buy/Sell Agreements, as well as core-business operation contracts. As your business grows, you can call on Valerie to assist in collecting money should some clients fail to pay their invoices as well as commercial leases, lease review, and real estate services

Business Formation

Starting a business the right way, is the smart way. The biggest problem small business owners have when forming a new corporation is finding someone who can answer all their questions. And each business owner has different questions because of what the business does, who its customers are, and numerous unique circumstances. Searching for answers and advice on the Internet is less that satisfying.

Call Valerie. The call is free. By the end of your no-cost consultation you will know if She is a 'good fit' for what you need to accomplish. For business formation, Valerie offer discounted Flat Fee formation services for the more common entities, fully-aware that new businesses need top-drawer legal advice and help but need to watch their pennies.

Selecting the Right Entity for Your Business

You've started a business already as a sole proprietor or sole proprietor using a FBN or DBA (ex. Jill's Wedding Planning), you've got some cash flow now and you're getting nervous about liability. Rightly so. Good thinking.

Or, you're thinking of starting your own business and one of your first decisions is what type of business entity is best for you. Each type of business entity has advantages and disadvantages.

There are four basic types of business entities for California businesses:
  • Sole-proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations: C-Corp, Professional (APC), Non-Profit (501-C3)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • 'S Corp' Tax Status Designation for your LLC or Corporation

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Valerie can help you understand all the factors involved so you will have a clear understanding and can make an informed choice of business entity. She can help you understand the legal requirements, tax aspects, and how each can shield you from personal liability.

CALL business attorney, Valerie L. Kramer, Esq. for a no-cost phone consultation at (nine-five-one) 414-2424 Monday - Friday.

TEXT business attorney, Valerie L. Kramer, Esq. 24/7 at (nine-five-one) 414-2424 if you'd like me to schedule a return call to you at the next available opportunity.

Sit-down, face-to-face appointments are available as well.

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