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Urgent for Thur to work! Need ride share and driver for errands (Riverside / Tyler mall area)

compensation: Hourly rate or please quote

** update. I can't believe I've had so many people that are supposed to show up and flake out after I narrow it down to a reasonable rate this week I just have a tight budget I get paid again Friday and I need someone who lives close to me in the Riverside Tyler mall area to take me to work at 1/2 hour 19 miles to my office in San Bernardino I can pay 15 to $20 I can't compensate for you driving from far away. I can't compensate for you running out of gas at night before and asked me to pay money upfront ?? Yeah right. I can't wait for a teenager that lied and said they were going to pick me up in the morning and I'm not going to give anybody any money first until I get in the car !!

The guy that was supposed to be pick me up in the morning running around at night far away..ran out of gas and text me at 10:30 when I should be sleeping saying can you send me that money now cuz I didn't have no gas? And my gas gauge is broken? How the hell was he going to get to my house in the morning.

No Flakes no sexual innuendos no sexual trades I thought paying $5 to post and gigs action would be better than posting in the community Rideshare section which I thought would be great nobody seems to understand my ADD Rideshare means I can't compensate you if you live far away.
I honestly thought 15 to $20 for a one-way ride would be good and I know you have to come back but if you have a small economy car that's more than those other apps pay you. And I'm only broke this week I get paid on Friday and then I can negotiate a weekly salary to drive me to work I take the express bus home so I don't need you for the evenings maybe once in awhile.

And this is not a one-time gig this is for every morning until I get other transportation.. so I was hoping maybe for a reduction in a weekly fee? But is your way I need commitment!

And then I have others quoting me $20 for the drive plus another 35 for travel plus another 35 for my time question mark the travel is your time. I'm not paying 50 to $60 for a ride to work that the other Drive app people charge 25 for it wouldn't be worth my while to even advertise.

And no I'm not going to give you a BJ in the car for trade for a ride I'm a 64 year old senior woman what the hell is wrong with you guys.

And the teenagers boring their 13 year old sister's phone and don't even own a car?

I'm a senior that got laid off my job and my car is not working right now. Need of different help.

My relatives are not close so I need help going to the grocery store wait until I get out and back home 5 minutes away.

I am also looking for a Rideshare from Tyler mall area to San Bernardino County Office where I'm working temporary.
I take the express bus in the evening which is fine.. but I have to pay for app ride in a.m. as the express bus does not arrive early enough to get to a job at 8 which makes no sense since so many people drive that way.
Please quote local errand shopping etc. Separately

You must be cheaper than the other typical apps or doesn't help me I'm a senior citizen with a bad knee taking buses to a temp job being laid off less than 2 years before my retirement. And now my car is dead. Life sucks.

I've got several scammer and sexual trade for favors contact and I reported them all to the police don't even try it's ridiculous.

Please let me know where you are coming from your area should be close to mine to make a reasonable quote and I will want your license plate number or a picture of yourself or something to identify that you're a real legitimate person and I can do the same.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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