ALPHA 87A LINEAR AMPLIFIER Ham Radio - $2,600 (Norco)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: EtO Alpha Power
model name / number: 87A
size / dimensions: Big and heavy!
For Sale: Alpha 87A HF Linear Amplifier w/Alpha-Max Auto Tune microprocessor control and protection feature.

The Alpha 87A is a premium, high end, top tier, amateur radio amplifier. Marketed towards the World Class DX and Contest stations, it is a very sophisticated luxury station accessory.

A pair of very healthy and strong Eimac 3cx800a7 transmitting tubes easily produce 1500+ watts of continuous RF power output with plenty of headroom on tap.
(Please note: This amp is loaded with a pair of genuine made in the USA Eimac 3cx800a7 Metal Ceramic Transmitting Tubes and not some of those offshore manufactured, budget surplus RF pulse tube pulls from MRI machines.)

Designed with no compromise, only the best highest quality for the most discriminating user.

These amplifiers are rated as full 100% continous duty cycle, period @ full power 1500watts continuous brick on the key nonstop! That is 24/7 like a broadcast transmitter full service duty cycle!
Despite what other amps might advertise,,,, Go and try that with any LDMOS amplifier. How long can it last before meltdown?
This Alpha offered here, can handle any mode including amp killer FT8 mode. Full duty cycle! Not intermittent amateur full duty cycle like other amps.

Microprocessor protection manages for safety and health of the valuable final output tubes and keeps operation and use effortless and dummyproof.

The latest Alpha-Max firmware features a dynamic auto tune feature which constantly monitors the operating state of the amp and seemlessly adjusting itself to for ultimate efficiency and safe longevity of the output tubes. It makes for no touch no tune band changes.

These features also make for remote ready operation, also allowing remote monitoring of the amplifier status thru your computer and across your network server. Making it a great addition to todays fully uncompromised remotely located remotely operated and computer controlled or networked station.

This Amp is in great condition, with full output, strong pair of the very in demand Eimac power tubes. (Its like buying a matched set of Eimacs and getting the amp thrown in for free, what a great deal!)
This is a very nice amplifier and is good to go, cash n carry, ready work DX tonight in style.
It is a ham radio dream amplifier offered at a dream price.
If you see a place in your shack for a luxury and beautiful addition to your station while you enjoy the pure pleasure of automatic, trouble free operation, give me an email and lets make it happen.

$2600 or best offer while it lasts!

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