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$50 brake pad replacement" 490-3341

Here's how it works you purchase your parts I replace them the job usually takes me up to 25 - 30 minutes to complete, here are my prices

"Brake pads" on on smaller cars compact vehicles I charge 50$

"Brake pads" for SUVs trucks and large vans
I charge 60$

"Rotors" I charge 5$ each rotor I remove and replace same price for rear drums, i do not turn or do resurfacing but I can remove them for you so that you can have them turned or resurfaced if needs be most shops charge 15$ to 25$ for resurfacing.

"Brake shoes" and drums to remove and replace I charge 80$, brake shoes can be a little more complicated and detailed and takes more time then brake pads the price is subject to change for larger vehicles such as trucks vans SUV'S.

Bleeding the brake lines I normally do not recommend unless air is in the lines or fluid is low or dirty but if after I inspect lines and pedal I charge 40$ to bleed the brake lines back to front

As a "R&R mechanic" (Remove and replace) I have no problem removing and replacing parts, when asked to note that I can not be held accountable for your diagnosis the only diagnosis I will except from my customers is a work order from either a shop or the dealer, on the other hand I do Diagnostics I charge 50$ to fully inspect your vehicle once I give you my diagnosis I take responsibility for the diagnosis of your vehicle, once I figure out the problem with your vehicle I will apply that service fee towards labor and repairs please note that the $50 that you are paying me is for the diagnostic of your vehicle my time my effort my gas.

I thought I will explain a little bit more so that people can have a better understanding of my brake specials my prices are low but my work is good, here is what you will get from me honesty trustworthiness fairness and a reasonable person I do my utmost to make sure that my work is good and solid I care about my customers and seek to make friends I look forward to having repeat customers that can always call me back because they can trust me if there's something that I cannot do I am honest and I say right away i don't worry about pride or ego I would rather be upfront with my customers,

I take same-day appointments and future appointments my work ethics are fast and I usually like to get the job done the same day you can call or text anytime I offer 24-hour service in some areas below is a list of parts I remove and replace.

Major tune ups
Minor tune ups
Wall solenoids
Intake manifold
Exhaust manifolds
Throttle body
Vacuum hoses
EGR valve
Pcv hose
All sensors
Power steering pumps
High pressure power steering lines
Air conditioner
A.C recharging
Head light replacement
Water pump
Fuel pump
Fuel filters
Crank pulley
Harmonic balancer
Idler pulley
Tensioner pulley
Timing belt
Fan clutch
Serpentine belts
Radiator cooling fan
Thermostat housing
Valve covers
Rack and pinion
Inner and outer tie rod
Upper and lower ball joint
Lower control arms
Steering knuckle
Coil springs
Brake master cylinder
Brake pads
Brake shoes
Rear drums
Rear wheel cylinders
Wheel studs
Wheel bearings
Wheel hubs
Transfer case
Slave cylinder
Transmissions remove and replace only
Engine swaps
Oil changes
Oil filter
Oil pan
Oil cooler
Transmission pan
Transmission cooler lines
Transmission flush drain and fill
Radiator flush
OBD 1 and 2 code readings
Check engine light

My name is Benjamin
call or text at show contact info thank you and have a good day.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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