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Catalytic Converter Protection starting at ONLY $99!

4 Quick Facts About Catalytic Converter Theft:
** Catalytic converters sell for ~$40-$200 each.
** They cost ~$1000 to replace.
** CC thieves are known to strike in broad daylight, in busy areas.
** SUVs and other vehicles with high clearance are especially vulnerable.

What Makes a Catalytic Converter so Valuable?
There are three types of metals that help the catalytic converter remove toxins from the vehicles' emissions: Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. The prices of these already valuable metals has shot up hundreds of dollars an ounce in recent years. It's the tiny amounts of these metals on the screens inside the catalytic converter that makes them so valuable!

Tools of the Catalytic Converter Thief:
Stealing a catalytic converter takes either a wrench or a reciprocating saw. In some cases we've seen thieves using mechanics dollies to slide under vehicles more easily. We've heard of, but not verified, thieves attaching chains to converters and "hauling" the converter out with a truck.

How Long it Takes to Steal One:
About 3 minutes!! That's to either unbolt it or use the reciprocating saw to cut it out. Good thieves are even faster!

How Catalytic Converter Thieves Work:
The occasional or "opportunity" catalytic converter thieves go prowling when their drugs wear off. They look for easy steals -- SUVs are favorite targets. Toyota SUVs especially because their catalytic converters are only bolted on. Sometimes they even follow cars and wait for them to park. These are often the ones who strike non-business targets and they go on sprees of theft that last several hours or sometimes days!

The more organized catalytic converter thieves look for larger scores. They attack car dealership lots, the parking lots at auto repair shops, auto fleet parking locations, and poorly attended parking lots. They are better equipped, faster, and work as teams to make larger scores. These are the crews more likely to steal from businesses and larger organizations with higher concentrations of vehicles.

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