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ok, I THOUGHT I had some line ups? but so far no one seems "Serious".??? we talk send emails?
but so far no one seems to have "TIME" lots of FLAKES Out there and Serious POSERS !!...LOL

so read this AD Entirely! if you don't want to meet up "DO NOT ANSWER THIS AD"
get off the Text hang ups?? remember Emails???? and Phones??? or are

send an email let me know if you "Receive" and when you HAVE TIME !!!!! day or night........
don't be a POSER answer the ad? then say everything is great! then when comes to meet
you "BLOW OUT" or make some LAME i always "Contact back"
and I know 90% of the POSERS out there don't like "Start ups" but then where do you start?
at the TOP!!... NO GET A CLUE !!!!!! so this is a start up and everyone has there Say !!!
also the JUKE-BOX-Band flavor of the month thing is ok,and Fun, but not really looking to be in a Juke box band, and if so sure but NOT EVERY SONG, I can go for a 70/30 mix(70% Originals)
maybe a 65/45 mix?
as of now I am looking for a Bass player with a good Rhythm that can lay a groove yet be flowing
something if "You feel" can get people tapping there foot !! someone not afraid to just go OFF !!
but not to be some Arrogant Individual? Musicians that get along with "PEOPLE"......LOL

same for the Drummer !!
someone with Dynamics,(VOLUME CONTROL !!!) if this can help? both with NO EGO's!
(I know this might be IMPOSSABLE" but had to ask?)
remember it is not all about YOU, it's about Musicians making Music!! not how to get to STADIUM STATUS IN LESS THAN A WEEK !! isn't going to happen!!

singers as well, but NOT Drain-O Drinking see if there NUTZ can drop Screamers? no a "Singer" is needed, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Bruce Dickenson, you know? people that can sing? and no doesn't have to sound like them !?!?! just being able to "Sing" you get the IDEA? if you don't UNDERSTNAD this concept?? please don't answer this ad...????

a second guitarist? AWESOME !! but NOT at this time, like to get rolling? get members?
then ADD second Guitar !!!!!!! just EASIER this way?? or a VERY HUMBLE lead guitarist? maybe.

as well I would like this all to NOT be just a one way street I would like "ALLOT Of Input" !!
I do not want it all about me? ........I am just the one really looking !! ........
same for Skill don't give a CRAP !! if you want to play then who cares when the Individuals fit,
the music Flows regardless of individual Skill Levels, "True Mucicians Understand this"
from this last ad posting, "Talked to some 35 individuals" only 2 got off there ASS to meet?? most are or says:
well I have a Party to go to? over the weekend?(there time off?) then your NOT SERIOUS.
Mon-Friday i am usually OPEN after 11:00AM so no one has an excuse not to find your "Time"
we can meet....weekends 8am to when ever if your "SERIOUS" !!!

and/or a BAND needing this "Description" of guitar player to join there band? I am for it as well !!!

and I am TOTALY DOWN TO IF you have some songs your practicing on? need someone to help!
I can do that too......or if a "Juke-Box" band and just need some help I can do that !!
not "Into being Permanently into a Juke-Box Band" but if all I can find?? yea will stay to help you
"Find a Permanent Replacement" or Juke-box band and trying to "Expand" on creating Originals!
yea, I am up for that too....but being a total "Copy cat Band" not real into it? but would help if needed.

by the way I Tune to A-440 "Standard tuning" so I know this will "Eliminate 98%" of 2 cord Wonder stokers playing same 2 cords, and I do not tune to Eb(e-Flat) I can and will at later time for now
lets just get the ball rolling???? get over it?
and no don't ask me to come to your Audition to play dropped-D tunning to play "Slop-Metal" i do not have my Guitars truss rods set at this time for Droped-D at this time and no i do not feel like resetting for one Audition. I don't Do grind core or death or what ever it is called nowdays???
now looks are NOT important, but play in the style that moves the project forward yea time to play!!
remember "NO DEATH METAL" or Grunge type(Slop playing) or Dropped D tuning!

age it doesn't matter !!! let me say again......AGE DOES NOT MATTER IN THIS ENDEVOR
if matters to you??? your LOSS not mine...????
so 21 to 65 etc. I don't care if you can rock it! then get off your ass and drop me a note!!
BUT !! if you have a "PROBLEM" with AGE (I am in my 40's)
this would be your Loss not mine......I have no ego !! but not allot of Patience for "FLAKES"

also I been at the Sam Ash at "ONTARIO MILLS MALL"
on Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm to talk to and find "Prospects" if your Serious? show up there?
Seems the "Serious ones Show up there?? so if your looking to "PLAY" wanna talk
i'll be there, want to sit around and wait for someone to come to you?
good luck get off the "Lazy Boy" couch wont happen if "YOU" don't put in some effort!!!
to many of you "MAKING EXCUSES" my,job-my wife-my cat-my dog-my bathroom had a crack outside across the yard-I cant meet tonight because(pick excuse here?)etc. etc.

yes I too have all those things,but you have to make the "EFFORT" if you don't?
wont be "HANDED TO YOU" no matter how good "YOU THINK you are"??
you need other Musicians?????
difference between "YOU" and Me....I am "Making the Time" everyone else is making Excuses...

oh yea and I AM MORE Interested in "Originals" looking for "MUSICIANS"
not "COPY CATS" yes takes Talent to reproduce a "Original ARTIST Song"
and I like covers there fun !!!! but "I Do Not Wish To Be ONLY in a Juke Box Band"
but looking for "MUSICIANS" to play "Music of there Own" but I am sure a few covers here and there be awesome but not every single song!!!
as well if your a "Guitarist" looking to me start a JUKE BOX Band, Please do not ANSWER AD.
Guitarist with this Question usually have a "PERSONAL AGENDA" so I am not INTERESTED

send me those emails if your "Serious" and willing to meet up "FIRST to talk about your Views and Interests before we waist "Each Others Time" at a studio while everyone looks at each other wondering what to play? for 2 hours!!
I am in Riverside, but have NO Problem meeting anyone Half way from where ever there from? San Diego to Los Angeles, to Barstow doenst matter your willing to do this? if your not willing to move your Instruments? "YOUR NOT SERIOUS" ???

the Music part is easy??
1967 to 1989 great !!!!(ROCK AND ROLL) and some newer "ROCK/Metal" but not the Neu-metal "SLOP" the 7string FART/Sounding guitar stuff(really does sound like well executed Fart!?)
what I do like for basic examples:
anything Metal from the 80's Mainstream....pretty much 1978 to 1989
Alice Cooper, Alice in chains and have admit? I only like 2 songs I would consider playing?
Anthrax, April Wine, Molly Hatchet, Areosmith more draw the line album stuff, Armored Saint
Autograph, AXE, the Black Sabbath stuff "Paraniod one of my Favorites! VAN HALEN
Bruce Dickenson's "Projects" Cinderella before they went "Country"
Cryoshell, Dam Yankees, Deep Purple, OLD Def Leppard like FIRST Album Older.
DIO, "Some Disturbed" you get the dam idea? no Grunge get the Idea?
if you cant grasp this "Concept" its easy NO Grunge Crap?? you know?? the stuff that oozed out of the Toilet around 1990 till about 1998.......
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