'High Plateau/California Coconut Palm Trees'... - $24 (Temecula)

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Note: These DO NOT produce coconut fruit. It's a real palm tree, but for aesthetic purposes only. THESE LOOK MORE LIKE A COCONUT PALM THAN Parajubaea torallyi or any other so called, coconut palm mimic. A world wide web poll was taken to see what palm tree best mimics the real coconut palm, and this one WON!

We currently have 2 gallon plants approximately 18'' tall for $24! We also have larger 5 gallon sizes for $39 and 7 gallon sizes about 3' tall, for $75. We even have a few, 10 gallon sizes, about 6-7' tall. Extremely rare to get in this size. Get yours before we run out. Paste this website onto your web browser for more info:

Beccariophoenix Alfredii (The High Plateau Coconut Palm or The California Coconut Palm) From the island of Madagascar (Recently Discovered)

Call or Text Ben at show contact info for purchasing info...

We also carry the following desirable and rare palms for SoCal:

Archontophoenix alexandrae, cunninghamiana, purpurea, maxima, myolensis
Beccariophoenix, alfredii (High Plateau/California Coconut Palm), madagascariensis, sp. (Window form)
Bismarkia nobilis (Bismarck palm)
Brahea, armata, edulis,
Burretiokentia, hapala, vieillardii,
Caryota, gigas/obtusa (King kong, fishtail palm) Caryota urens, mitis,
Chamaedorea, costaricana, metallica, plumosa, radicalis, tepejilote
Chambeyronia macrocarpa (flame thower palm), hookeri,
Clinostigma savoryanum,
Coccothrinax,( Miraguama)
Dypsis, ambositrae, baronii, decaryi, decipiens, lanceolata, leptocheilos, lutescens, mahajanga, pembana, onilahensis, saint-lucei,
Euterpe edulis (Assai palm, Ju├žara palm), Euterpe sp. (Orange Crownshaft-cold hardy),
Hedyscepe canterburyana (Umbrella Palm, Big Mountain Palm)
Howea, belmoreana, forsteriana,
Hyophorbe, indica, lagenicaulis (bottle palm), verschaffeltii,
Jubaea chilensis,
Laccospadix australasica,
Licuala (various species),
Parajubaea (species),
Phoenix canariensis (Canary island date palm)
Pinanga, kuhlii, phillipinensis,
Pritchardia, martii, hillebrandii,
Pseudophoenix sargentii (Buccaneer palm, cherry palm)
Ptychosperma elegans,
Ravenala madagascariensis (Travelers palm)
Ravenea glauca,
Rhopalostylis, baueri, sapida, cheesemani,
Roystonea Regia (Cuban Royal Palm)
Sabal mauritiformis, uresana,
Wodyetia bifurcata (foxtail palm)

If you don't see what you need on the list above, call/text me. I can more likely get it for you. Sizes above usually run in 5, 7 and 15 gallon sizes.
Some are available in smaller and/or larger sizes. Call or text me for more details... Ben at show contact info Free delivery is also available for a minimum order. To browse around and read about some of the most popular and 'up and coming' palm trees and tropicals for SoCal, copy and paste this to your web-browser:
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