Magnesium is involved in the formation of all tissues, including the skeleton . In the formation of antibodies , enzymes and hormones . In muscle relaxation even in heart rate and mental work . States lacking magnesium (pregnancy , lactation, puberty and old age) . Also anxiety. Essential for maintaining good wear and repair of cartilage, tendons and bones. Also to supplement diets low in this element. Magnesium produces mineral balance , and strengthen the organs in their functions ( catalytic ) and the kidneys to eliminate uric acid in osteoarthritis. decalcified thin membrane to the joint and calcify sclerosis to prevent heart attacks, blood purifying , vitalizing the brain , returns and retains youth to old age. MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE HELPS PREVENT THESE AND OTHER SYMPTOMS: - Artosis due to uric acid. - Seine tremor disappears . - Prostate . - Hemorrhoids. - Flu . - Avoid obesity. - Prevents cancer. - Prevents arteriosclerosis. - Rheumatoid Arthritis . - Moderated by digestive disorders . - Reduce bronchitis. - Kidney Stones . - Rheumatism disappears . - Excellent as a laxative. - Menopause . - Migraine . - Diseases of the heart. - Hypertension. - Asthma . - Chronic Fatigue - Constipation - Etc. It plays an important role as a coenzyme in the production of proteins. Among other things , this mineral is key to : proper transmission of nerve impulses , muscle work , regulate cell permeability , the development of bone structure (in its absence, the calcium is not assimilated ) , the production of enzymes, DNA replication and prevent over-excite cells in the presence of hormones generated by stress. in this latter situation , the body goes to the magnesium reserves ( deposited in bone structure ) , transporting them into the bloodstream. after serving their function, the mineral is excreted from the body , magnified this drainage to the prolonged exposure to stressful situations.HOW TO PREPARE: Dissolve in a jar 100 g of magnesium chloride in 3 liters, or 50 g for 1 liter 1/2 of boiled water, cold, after mixed with a wooden spoon (no using plastic or metal), placed in a container glass (not plastic or aluminum) and take the next dose: From 40 to 55 years:. . . . . HALF DOSE. From 55 to 70 years:. . . . . A DOSE IN THE MORNING Of the 70 to 100 years old. . . . . A DOSE IN THE MORNING AND OTHER AT NIGHT.
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